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My sessions are created with a unique professional toolbox in  mind to assist people with their overall health and wellbeing.

 For some clients, herbalism is the focus. Herbal protocols and blends are   expertly created for the purposes of supporting your nutritional and wellness choices.   This helps bring balance to physical, mental and emotional issues.  Since the body is   constantly changing in order to reach homestasis, adjustments in protocols are   facilitated.

 For others whose issues are more psychological/emotional/energetic, shamanic   techniques are utilized. One of my favorite parts of being a shamanic practitoner is to   have the opportunity to teach my clients how to do journeying work for themselves.   When needed, (and believe me there are times when it is definitely needed) I will   perform shamanic techniques for my clients. However, I do not believe in making a   person spiritually dependent upon the practitioner. And time and again, my experience   has been that the work is more effective when people explore the shamanic territory   for themselves. Every human being has the "hardware" that allows one to journey.   However, it is a muscle. And just like a muscle, if unused for long periods of time,   tends to atrophy. I prefer to rewaken this connection by facilitating my client's   personal shamanic discovery process for themselves.

 In most cases, a combination of Herbalism and Shamanism is applied. 

 For clients that are dealing with tick/insect born diseases, we work our way through a   multi-tiered herbal as well as shamanic program to help balance your overall health   which assists in making supportive nutritional choices that can help to balance: The   Diet, Parasites, Leaky Gut, Gall Bladder/Liver/Kidney Challenges, Candida, Heavy   Metals, Co-infections and Lyme. All of these steps are necessary when dealing with   Lyme and the Co-Infections. From a shamanic perspective, Lyme and Co-Infection   clients will learn shamanic journeying techniques to explore personal power,   boundaries, symbiotic sharing of space, and compassion for yourself and the bacteria   that are residing within you.

 And please know that working with Tick/Insect Born Disease can be a process that   takes time. It is a slow and sacred journey that will bring you in touch with newfound   strengths and definitions of who you are and what your life can be.
 Please see my blog post on the gifts that lyme can bring

 Each session is tailored to the sacred uniqueness that a client presents. There is no   "one size fits all" in this practice.

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