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                                                                               I am frequently asked, "What is                                                                                           shamanism?" What an amazingly                                                                                         complex question! From a purely                                                                                         technical point of view, Shamanism is                                                                                 an ancient spiritual technique that all                                                                                 cultures around the world have                                                                                           embraced and personalized at one                                                                                       point or another. But most                                                                                                   importantly, it teaches  humanity                                                                                        that everything is alive, deeply                                                                                           connected and has a spirit!
                                                                               One of the primary techniques is
                                                                               called the shamanic journey. This   state is achieved via drumming and rattling allowing the conscious self to release into   the collective unconscious for the purpose of connecting with helping spirits. These   helping spirits can assist us in our day to day challenges as well as with the spiritual   and energetic parts of the traumas we experience throughout our lives.
 Left unattended, these imbalances can cause physically detrimental results. These   imbalances can look like chronic conditions of any kind which may include physical   illness, fear, anxiety, depression, loss of energy, suicidal tendencies, obsessive   thinking, repeating patterns, emotional removal, or recurring bouts of anger that
 come out of nowhere. If you feel stuck of if you feel like a part of you has been left   behind or does not feel the same since a specific moment in your life, shamanic work   comes into play. For an in-depth look into the definition of shamanism and how it   applies to your health and wellbeing, please explore this link to Sandra Ingerman's   website and her incredible Abstract on Shamanism. 
Shamanic Sessions
 I facilitate work in the energetic realms with the wounded parts of ourselves that have   gone through stress and trauma. These parts of us can be in the past, present or   future. This type of work is called soul retreival which consists of finding,   transforming, nurturing and integrating the parts of ourselves that get stuck in their   past and can no longer appropriately respond to the present moment causing   unhealthy reactions. These parts of ourselves are then triggered again and again   throughout our lives unless they are met with understanding and compassion.
 During a shamanic session you have a personal hands on experience as I guide you on   the journey. You will see and meet these parts of yourself first hand. The power of   your own personal experience is always far greater than anything I can show or tell   you as a practionter. 

Shamanic Apprenticeships

 For those who wish to seriously study shamanism, I offer shamanic apprenticeships   levels 1 & 2 online via zoom conferencing. The Level 1 apprenticeship consists of 10   classes (June 2020-October 2020) and Level 2 which consists of 8 classes (June 2020-   September 2020) that meet once every two weeks for three hours from 6:00PM-   9:00PM 

Level 1
What you will learn in this apprenticeship.....

1) Basic shamanic journeying skills to the upper, lower, and middle worlds.
2) Connecting and working with personal power animals
3) Connecting and working with a personal spirit teachers
4) Finding and utilizing personal power places in the shamanic worlds.
5) Personal Manifestation Work
6) Divination
7) Creation of Group Ceremony
8) Power Song Creation
9) Ancestral Work

Level 2
What you will learn in this apprenticeship....
1) Transmutation
2) Connecting with Plant Spirits via journeying and lerning how to make
flower essences
3) Shamanic Dreaming
4) Shamanism in Wiccan Ceremony
5) Shamanism via Peruvian despacho work
Each class is by donation. Please take into consideration that these are 3 hour classes that take quite a bit of time and expereince to put together. So give what feels monetarily right for you.
All donations will be done via paypal sent to Danica Connors.
The donation is expected 24 hours before each class starts. Upon receiving the donation, your zoom class link/ID will be emailed to you.

Level 1: 6/2, 6/16, 6/30, 7/14, 7/28, 8/11, 8/25, 9/8, 9/22(Autumn Equinox), 10/6

Level 2: 6/4, 6/18, 7/2, 7/16, 7/30, 8/13, 8/27, 9/10
Email To Find Out More About The Shamanic Apprenticeships or Book Your Shamanic Appointment Today!