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                                                                  Herbalism consists of  
                                                                 working in tandem with                                                                                                       plants in order to apply their therapeutic and                                                                    spiritual properties to our lives. The plant                                                                           beings have been on this planet for a very
                                                                 very long time. And as humans evolved, we                                                                         developed a symbiotic relationship out of
                                                                 love, respect and our need to survive. Our                                                                         wellbeing depended upon and continues to                                                                         depend upon our deep connection to the plants                                                                  around us. As one of our great contemporary                                                                     herbalists, Matthew Wood says, " The herbs                                                                     live in and adapt to environmental stresses   and niches which correspond to our own problems.The triumph of their life force over   the adversities of Nature are etched into their genetic makeup, and these correspond   with our own challenges.Thus,the herbs become our
 Whether we are working with plants to balance our
 physical wellbeing or going on a shamanic plant
 journey to balance our energetic and spiritual
 wellbeing, they are powerful allies.
 Many of us are looking toward more holistic ways of
 taking care of ourselves. Herbalism helps the body to
 remember what it normally does all by itself. I feel that
 the body's inherent wisdom should be supported at
 every turn.  When I worked in herbal apothecaries,
 people came in every day looking for holistic help with
 basic maladies like the common cold,   stress, digestion, headaches, menopause etc.   This is why I started my practice...to be   able to offer holistic opitons for all of the   above and much more. Our food is our   medicine and this is where the foundational   power of plants lies, in our gardens and our kitches on a day to day basis.
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