My Story 

Welcome and bright green blessings to you! My name is Danica Connors and I am an Herbalist and Shamanic Practitioner. My core belief is that imbalance within a human being can present itself in different layers encompassing the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Plants have a mysterious and awe-insiring way of being the bridge between each of these layers, allowing for the body to re-establish its own state of wellbeing. 

My interest in plants started as a child, following my mother around, who was an avid gardner. I developed a love, respect, and deep connection with the "green" world from those formative years. My interest in herbalism started around 20 years ago when I was a professional theatre performer. For anyone who has been in that particular business, we know that health insurance can be a rare and precious commodity. 
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So my love of gardening morphed into a way of supporting myself and my fellow performers. Since then, I have worked in two herbal apothecaries in Rhode Island: Indigo Herbals and The Herb Wyfe where I gained tremendous amounts of hands on herbal experience and knowledge. My personal herbal studies have lead me to such teachers as Rosemary Gladstar, David Winston, Matthew Wood, Rosalee De La Foret, Stephen Harrod Buhner, 7 Song, and Jim McDonald through the International Herbal Symposium and Herb Mentor. I completed the three year clinical apprenticeship with The Boston School of Herbal Studies and my Lyme training was received under the tutelage of Tommy Priester.
I was a spiritual person from a very early age. I used to disappear into our forested back yard in order to receive support and comfort during my formative teenage years. And it was this deep connection to the forest, my growing curiosity for the plant world, and a respect for Mother Earth, that led me to the study of Shamanism with Michael Harner's Foundation for Shamanic Studies and Sandra Ingerman. It has been an incredible journey. The shamanic experiences that I have been blessed with have opened the doorway to a deeper connection with the plant spirits that are the foundation of my practice. Shamanism allows me to truly listen and be directed by the inherent wisdom of the plants and to the helping spirits that guide myself and my clients. 

I currently run my own private practice specializing in tick born diseases, teach a shamanic apprenticeship, give herbal tarot readings and present talks on Lyme, Shamanism and Herbalism.