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Tarot starts as a conversation.

A conversation between you and your intuition. And my personal conversation with Tarot has been going on for 30 years!
It is a powerful tool that utilizes symbolic imagery on a set of cards in order to access information that you already have within and around you. This is why I love utilizing tarot in therapeutic settings. It helps to gently break down barriers to our own source of inner knowledge while empowering our abilities to make informed choices for ourselves.
We are all connected to everything, and Tarot helps us to remember that you already have all of the answers. I tell all of my clients that Tarot does not predestine a thing. What it allows you to do, is to take a look at all of the potentials that are out there concerning the specific issue you are working with.
People come to me and ask, "What should I do?," and my answer always is "What do you think you should do?" Tarot does not make decisions, you do. So bring all of the questions that you would like to courageously delve into and I will assist in guiding you through this amazing process of self exploration. When you leave, you will have more confidence in listening to your "gut" and making powerfully supported choices for yourself with a little help from spirit.